The World Is Full Of Babies: A book about human and animal babies (Wonderwise)

///The World Is Full Of Babies: A book about human and animal babies (Wonderwise)

The World Is Full Of Babies: A book about human and animal babies (Wonderwise)

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The World is Full of Babies! is an enchanting look at babies everywhere, and how they grow and develop. Polar bear cubs, baby bats, piglets, even tiny turtles are all here and we learn that like human babies they make a lot of noise, get hungry and they love to play games. But, as they grow, we find out that while all babies are very alike they are also surprisingly different. The Wonderwise series presents facts in a way that will inspire young children’s imaginations about the world around them.
This is a truly delightful book which looks at babies everywhere and how they grow and develop. Starting with a human egg (but no reference to how it was fertilised), comparisons and likenesses with various other eggs are made. Many other species are introduced to help a child discover about growth and development–how babies cry, how they suckle, how they explore, how they sleep, and so on. This is all done by using the familiar, such as humans, cats, dogs, and then introducing the unknown or not so familiar, such as polar bears, adders and otters. In doing so, it reveals that while babies are alike in many ways, they are also very different.

The text is clear, concise, informative and thought provoking–did you know that a rat could have 20 babies every six weeks?–and the illustrations are appealing, simple and vibrant, especially those showing how babies are carried–a human in a baby rucksack, a kangaroo in a pouch, a baby lemur on its mother’s back, a baby crocodile riding between mum’s big teeth!

This book will appeal to quite a wide age range. The young will enjoy having it read to them, and the older ones will enjoy reading it themselves. (There is a list of useful words with simple explanations included to make this easier.) All this clearly illustrates that learning is fun. (Age 3 and up) —Susan Naylor

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