Sleep. Dream. Relax. Breastfeed.


Breastfeeding? Lounging?  Feeling sublime? You so need this jumpsuit in your life!  Since it was shared several months ago on our Facebook group a certain Tesco F&F loungewear jumpsuit was a total instant hit!   The interest was massive!!!  It must be one of the most hotly anticipated launches of the year!  And it’s just around the corner. ….👌

The jumpsuit was shared by a friend of the Tesco buyer responsible for bringing us this awesome number!  She is very aware of the clothing requirements for us breastfeeding parents and is thrilled that it is such a hit – impressive for nursing and feeling confident!  

I am in the very fortunate position to have one to try!!  So is it worth all the hype and waiting for?!

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The jumpsuit is probably not like anything else in your wardrobe, it seems to have found a little gap especially for us breastfeeding folks!  Somewhere between nightwear and daywear this jumpsuit is whatever you want it to be. 

The jumpsuit is made from the softest jersey material, it feels lovely to wear both inside and out.  The wrap front design has a large wrap section that is nice and loose so is superb for breastfeeding.  It also means it works for small to big boobs!   

20180620_221358 (1)

The elasticated waist sits at a nice height to give waist detail and a flattering silhouette.  I was initially unsure of the tapered legs but once I got them on I loved them! They make the jumpsuit feel and look that bit smarter.  

At a rather tidy 5ft4 (it used to be 5ft5 & 1/2 before kids, how does that happen?!) and size 8, the fit lengthwise is spot on for me.  With the soft jersey material that has a bit of stretch, and casual lounge type styling it should be ok for taller folks too. 


As well as being unbeatable for nursing it has top marks for being able to wear for all the other Mummy stuff, I am wearing it as I write!

And as for lounging, if you ever get a minute, it is deliciously awesome for that!

I havent washed it yet as that would mean i have to take it off.

It just feels so great on and captures current styling trends, love it. Sleep, Dream, Relax, Breastfeed.

The jumpsuit will only be available in store, but let’s admit shopping can be so loathsome with kids in tow that if you can add this to your trolley it’s got to so be worth the pain!  Don’t worry we will let you know when to make that excuse to head to Tesco! 🙂

Can we make this the new Can I Breastfeed In It? uniform?!  How long will it be before we see people wearing it to the shops and dropping kids at school?! To be honest that could be me.

Off to curl up with my new love…..

I have a voice for silent TV but check out my video review (in future videos may be left to the experts! 😅 )

Tesco Jumpsuit

*this is my own unbiased review

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